Make Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Your Parents’ Republicans

by May 31st, 2011 - Politics »

Here’s a new way to think of libertarianism for those who are more strictly progressive and not willing to make the leap themselves: Work your entrenched Republican relatives and other relations to consider Ron Paul and/or Gary Johnson for the Republican presidential nominee instead of the bible thumping warmongers that have been the mainstay of the party.

While I think there are more than a fair amount of independent-minded voters out there, I still get a strong sense that many voters simply employ the same die-hard loyalty that they do to their sports teams. So, even if a Democratic Party candidate really floats your boat there is generally no chance that you would be able to convince such party loyalists to consider voting for the other team. Instead of mildly mourning that conversation and turning the subject to safer, but less meaningful subjects why not at least quiz them on the merits of Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, perhaps planting a seed for a much preferable candidate than the monster the Republican Party normally trots out.

Both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are Republican nominees for president who hold certain positions that have at least been given consistent lip service as forming the foundation of the Republican Party:

  • Balancing the Budget
  • Lowering Taxes
  • Strong National Defense

However, contrasted with the typical Republican candidate, both Paul and Johnson strongly support:

  • Individual Liberty, Opposing Corporate Handouts
  • Legalizing Marijuana and Reforming the Ruinous War on Drugs
  • Repealing the Patriot Act and Strengthening the Rights of the Individual the Government is Meant to Protect
  • Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy, Ending Wars Abroad

While I think all of us personally hold a unique collection of positions on the issues, many voters seem to vote simply on the notion of brand loyalty: Democrat and Republican. When encountering a fan of the other team, we just put our head down, hurl talking points, or avoid political discourse altogether. But if we were to converse on issues and candidates that overlapped the traditional conservative/progressive divide, we may find a more enlightened view of key issues resulting in a field of better candidates, regardless of their party affiliation.

Or voters can just keep doing what they always do. Betting it all on the home team and recoiling in horror should the other team reign victorious in its bid to elect the worst possible candidate.

Want to start a conversation? Below you’ll find links to some ice-breaker videos. And if you know of any other sleeper political candidates, Democrat of Republican, that hold non-traditional positions, enlighten me.

Gary Johnson tries his damnedest to have a meaningful conversation with Sean Hannity, but Hannity unfortunately lacks such skills necessary to reciprocate the effort.

Ron Paul Highlight Reel from the 2012 Presidential Debate in South Carolina, Demystifying the Status Quo on Interventionism, the Drug War and Gay Marriage.

Although not a 2012 Presidential Candidate, Rand Paul rocks a great mock turtleneck while giving one of the best arguments against the intrusiveness of the Patriot Act.

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